Why Collagen in Its Natural Form?

Collagen-Proteolgycans complex works the best!

Salmon cartilage has been consumed in Japan for many years, a delicacy called “Hizu-namasu”. “Hizu” refers to the salmon cartilage and “namasu” is a vinegar dish with vegetables. In 2001 scientists discovered a way to extract the biological compounds from salmon cartilage using vinegar which then lead to the understanding why salmon cartilage improves joints and skin health. Salmon cartilage contains mainly type II collagen and proteoglycan, which along with collagen is one of the polysaccharides that constitutes skin and cartilage. The natural complex forms of collagen and proteoglycan in the salmon cartilage contribute to the Hizu-namsu’s amazing ability to promote joint and skin health. Please refer to the publication references to learn the research studies on salmon cartilage.

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