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At Karviva, we believe Food is Better Medicine™

Our journey is rooted in a deep appreciation of modern scientific knowledge and a profound respect for ancient dietary wisdom. By skillfully blending these two worlds, we craft delicious wellness beverages that not only tantalize your taste buds but also nourish your well-being.

Our journey is rooted in a deep appreciation of modern scientific knowledge and a profound respect for ancient dietary wisdom. By skillfully blending these two worlds, we craft delicious wellness beverages that not only tantalize your taste buds but also nourish your well-being.

What Makes Us SPECIAL

Embracing Mother Nature to Revolutionizing Food and Beverage Making

At Karviva, we believe in the power of food synergy and mindful ways of food making. We transform the ancient formulations into tasty juices and smoothies with holistically sourced natural ingredients

Karviva's Sustainable and Nourishing Fusion of Tradition and Wellness

Each of our drink offerings, whether it’s a detox juice, an immunity booster, or an energy booster, is created with sustainability and nourishment in mind. We focus on food synergies align with principles of Far East food therapy, ensuring not just great taste but also a healthful choice

Nourishing Beverages for Every Wellness Need

Our range of drinks is a testament to our dedication towards health and wellness. Whether it's our heart-healthy Karviva DETOX, immunity-boosting Karviva IMMUNITY, low calorie hydration Karviva ACE, brain health promoting Karviva UNWINED, or whole plant smoothie Karviva WELLNESS - all our products are rich in fiber, antioxidants, and contain no added sugar.

Best Selling Products

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DETOX Grape Kiwi 6 bottles,...
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ACE SPORT Bold Berry Lemonade...
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What Our Customers Say

Dr. James D. Sullivan

I am always impressed when I try a new product and it makes me say “Wow!” Karviva is that type of product. A delicious, healthy, beverage that makes you feel refreshed, and wanting to share your experience with others. I’ve tried many so-called nutritious drinks on the market before, but Karviva is second to none. Try it and you’ll be saying, it’s “Karvivalicious” too

Craig Miller

More and more of the food produced in America is laced with sugar and other unnatural substances. I appreciate the Karviva is made with all natural ingredients focusing on traditional Chinese foods which are in line with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is wonderful to have a great tasting drink that is good for you made with sustainable ingredients.

Whitney G

I really liked this drink. I had been looking for a prebiotic and have the palate of a 5 year old so I don’t eat a lot of superfoods. This was perfect for me. The flavor was great (I had the grape kiwi) and have purchased this several times since trying for free. I recommend this beverage for people who are picky eaters like myself to “trick” your body into getting healthy foods in your system.


I have felt much better since adding Karviva to my diet and wellness routine. I also have been able to discontinue a low-dose Blood pressure medication. My inhaler use is decreasing, and I have gone a whole without needing it. I feel better, continue my holistic path to rebalance alignment, and feel the positive chi flowing.


The adults and teenagers loved this drink especially the Lemonade Berry. We liked that it is low in sugar and it contains electrolytes. The fact that it contains vitamin C and A is a super plus. Will continue to purchase these drinks.

Tina D

I tried the rejuvenate, viva and ace berry lemonade. All of these drinks had such unique flavors and were so delicious. They were refreshing cold and packed with goodness. I would like to try the remaining flavors.

Basak S

I am dairy free and gluten free These juices not only healthy and they are also so smooth and delicious I would definitely try other variations

Our Elixirs of Health

Karviva ACE

Ace Your Health Goals

ACE your goals with food synergy among natural Antioxidants, Collagen and Electrolytes. Karviva ACE is your perfect partner for daily vitality.

Karviva Immunity

Fortify From Within
Give your immune system the boost it needs with our specially formulated blend of nature's most potent health defenders.

Karviva Wellness

Well-being in Every Drop

Redefine wellness with ancient blends of superfoods, formulated to nurture your body and vital energyl.

Karviva Detox

Revitalize and Rejuvenate
Hit the reset button on your health with Karviva Detox. Our all-natural ingredients work to cleanse your system and restore balance.

Karviva Unwind

Relax, Renew, Repeat
Unwind with the soothing benefits of our calming botanical blend. It's relaxation in a bottle.

Embark on a Journey of Wellness

Discover the powerful benefits packed into every bottle of Karviva. Our beverages transform your well-being journey into a thrilling experience

Detox Remedies Revived with Modern Research

Mung bean is known for its power to eliminate toxins from within, combined with dark berries, vegs, and fruits rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, Karviva Detox Juices help restore homeostasis of your body

Health Benefits of Natural Prebiotic, Antioxidants, and Plant Polyphenols:

  • Stimulate anti-inflammatory process in the body
  • Promote heart, digestive and respiratory health
  • Aids in maintaining a healthy weight
  • Stabilize blood sugar level

Light Wellness: Low in Calories

Karviva strikes the perfect balance between taste and nutrition. Our beverages are meticulously formulated to be low in calories, providing guilt-free refreshment any time.

Health Benefits of Natural Complex of Antioxidants, Collagen and Electrolites

  • Aids in muscle and joints recovery

  • Supports speedy hydration

  • Helps in weight management

Smoothie Power: Whole Food Nutrition

Our beverages harness the power of whole plants, delivering a whole spectrum of nutrients with every sip

Health Benefits of Whole Plant Based Nutrition:

  • Rich in prebiotic fibers for better digestion

  • Full spectrum of natural antioxidants

  • Provides a variety of vitamins and minerals

Antioxidant Army

Karviva’s beverages come packed with powerful synergy of antioxidants and prebiotics. Reinforce your body’s defences with each refreshing sip

Health Benefits of Natural Antioxidants and Prebiotics:

  • Boosts immune system function
  • Helps fight against oxidative stress
  • Promotes healthier skin and slows aging
  • Supports heart and brain health

Plant Power to Destress

Karviva revitalizes time-tested ancient remedies in destressing, the superfruits and herbs work together to promote relaxation and detoxification, without the unwanted effects from alcohol and medications

Health Benefits of Herbal Blends:

  • Perfect for those who want reduce uses of alcohol
  • Based on ancient remedies to detoxify liver and brain
  • Ingredients shown to promote relaxation

A Day in the Life with Karviva

Morning Energy Boost

Kick start your morning with the vitality of Karviva Wellness. Packed with nutrients, it's the perfect companion to your wholesome breakfast, setting an energetic tone for the day

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Midday Hydration

Keep your hydration levels up with our Immunity or Wellness drinks. Ideal during those busy work hours or refreshing outdoor breaks, these drinks ensure you're energized and your immune system remains robust

Learn More

Post-Workout Recovery

Boost your post-workout recovery with Karviva ACE, replenishing energy, restoring electrolytes, and promoting radiant skin. It's your perfect fitness partner.

Learn More

Evening Unwind

As the day culminates, it's time to relax and rejuvenate. Unwined helps you unwind, promoting a serene and restful evening. It's the perfect way to end your day on a peaceful note

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Embark on a voyage of discovery with Karviva – a sustainable choice for beverages, crafted from a blend of innovative practices and the purity of nature’s wisdom. Our drinks offer more than just refreshment; they bring you closer to a healthier, more sustainable world with every sip.

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Karviva's formulations are inspired by ancient food wisdom, designed to nourish Qi (the vital energy source) and Blood (key bodily nutrients). Our drinks uniquely focus on clean, nutrient-dense ingredients and formulations that maximize food synergies, adhering to principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. This holistic approach enhances the natural properties of each ingredient, offering unique health benefits.

Karviva Whole Plant Juices can be stored at room temperature. Once opened, they should be refrigerated and consumed within one week for optimal freshness.

Yes, daily consumption of Karviva Detox Juice, for instance, has led many customers to report health improvements after two weeks. However, individual experiences may vary.

Yes, our smoothies and coffee drinks need to be refrigerated and are best enjoyed within one to two days of opening.

Our all-natural, organic drinks are suitable for all, including pregnant women and children. We recommend checking for any personal food allergies.

Absolutely. Karviva drinks are an excellent choice for those managing blood sugar levels or reducing sugar and carb intake, thanks to their low glycemic index and beneficial ingredients like aronia berry and cinnamon.

We carefully select ingredients based on their ideal growth conditions to ensure their therapeutic benefits. Our sourcing strategy includes aronia berries from the Midwest USA, quinoa from Bolivia, oats from Sweden, black soybeans from northern China, and coffee beans from Mexico. Most fruits are sourced from Washington and California, with our sprouts grown hydroponically for quality assurance.

In line with Traditional Chinese Medicine beliefs, we understand that climate, soil, and water quality significantly affect the therapeutic powers of plants. This focus ensures the highest quality and effectiveness of our ingredients.