Author name: Angela Zeng

Dr. Angela Zeng is the founder of Karviva Beverages, an innovative and award-winning beverage company that specializes in whole plant-based functional foods and promotes sustainable food production. Dr. Zeng comes from an Asian family of herbalists and has extensive knowledge of Far East medicinal food remedies that have proven health benefits. She obtained her Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry from Fudan University in Shanghai and went on to earn her Ph.D. in Pathology from St. Louis University Medical School. Dr. Zeng is a recipient of the pre-doctoral fellowship from the American Heart Association and the post-doctoral fellowship from Northwestern University Medical Center. She also holds an Evidence-based Optimal Nutrition Certificate from Harvard University School of Public Health and a Holistic Nutrition Certificate from Pacific Rim College, and most recently the Plant-Based Coaching Certification by Food Revolution Network. Through her work at Karviva Beverages, Dr. Zeng has become a pioneer in the functional foods industry, offering innovative plant-based products that are both healthy and delicious. Her commitment to sustainable food production has garnered her widespread recognition and awards, including the prestigious 2021 Mid-America Emmy Award, leaving audiences inspired and captivated.

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