St. Louis Business Journal Impressed by Karviva Beverages

Angela Zeng of Karuna Beverages DILIP VISHWANAT|SLBJ

Today, the St. Louis Business Journal ran a story on Karviva's competitive edge in the beverage industry.

Karviva beverages are receiving lots attention from the media while shaking up the healthy beverage industry. The Saint Louis Business Journal interviewed Angela Zeng, co-founder of Karviva beverages and was impressed with the self-funded start-up.

Karviva was created to make a change in the healthy beverage industry, and our drinks differ from others on the market. Unlike other juices, like Naked or Bai, the ingredients in each bottle of Karviva are hand-selected and used to their full potential. Many healthy drinks on the market contain added sugar, and they produce an alarming amount of organic food waste. Not Karviva beverages.

Crafted and bottled right here in downtown Saint Louis, Angela Zeng keeps a close eye on all production and ingredients. She makes sure that Karviva is produced with utmost care.

By selecting the most nutritious ingredients and limiting our waste, Karviva stays true to its philosophy of compassion. Drinking in the wholesome goodness of Karviva, you show compassion for yourself and for the world around us.

Read the full article in the St. Louis Business Journal.