History of the Bodhi Tree


The Bodhi tree is the symbol of enlightenment in the Buddhist religion, but many people do not know the story behind it. Karviva has chosen to incorporate this symbolic tree in our logo and brand image, as the symbolic meanings align so well with the values embodied in our products.

The Bodhi tree was originally introduced as a Buddhist symbol through the story of Shakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism.

The Story of the Bodhi Tree

Over a thousand years ago, when Shakyamuni was only a young man, he left his home in search of the true meaning of life. One day, exhausted and starved, he collapsed under a Bodhi tree.

A poor peasant girl found Shakyamuni and tried to help him. However, all she had was a handful of leftover grains she had gathered from the farmlands. She put all she had into a pot, made a bowl of soup, and fed the young stranger.

Miraculously, he regained his strength and proceeded to meditate for several days under the Bodhi tree. He finally realized that life is about compassion, kindness, simplicity, and our perpetual bond with nature.

Karviva Values

These are the values that, like the Bodhi tree, are deeply rooted throughout the Karviva brand's Philosophy. Using only natural, simple ingredients, we show respect for our bodies and our world. Our products are inspired by the virtues of Buddhism - combining ancient wisdom with modern innovation.