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Longan Raspberry Peach Popsicles


Recipe Sponsored by Karuna. All opinions are of my own.

Happy 4th of July weekend!

I know you are anxious to pull out the grill and enjoy some BBQ, but it’s also important to stay cool and hydrated during those fun events. As I posted yesterday featuring The Shared’s Skillet Agave Lemonade, this summer will center around a #HydrateYourself theme. Hydration is a key to both health and building curves because water helps transports nutrients to your cells.


Our second post in this series is homemade Popsicles using 3 simple main ingredients ;  peaches, raspberries, and  Karuna’s Fruity Longan Drink.


Both peaches and raspberries are plentiful during late June early July which makes it a perfect treat in time for the holiday. I am a huge advocate of following Mother’s Nature’s eating plan.


As you know I support Karuna Drinks because of it’s low sugar and exotic quality ingredients. (Refer to Aronia Blueberry Syrup). Longan fruit is another food Karuna  introduced me too. Longan Fruit (pronounced long yan rou )is native to southern China and Burma.  It means “dragon’s eye meat” in China which is fitting because the flesh part kind of reminds you of the white part of an eye ball.

Photo Credit oliver.dodd

Fun facts about Longan Fruit

  • It helps reduce stress
  • High in minerals like magnesium which is great for bone health
  • Great for eyesight (I guess it looks like that for a reason)
  • Rich in Iron
  • Great for promoting energy for sexual activity (everyone wants that 😉 )

I do have a confession to make. When I first made these Popsicles, tho they tasted amazing, I struggled with getting them out the mold lol So being the impatient person I am, I used a little too much hot water to loosen them up and they melted before I could enjoy them as an actual “Popsicle.” It was more like a smoothie (sighs). So heads up, be a little more careful and patient than I was.


Vegan Curve Building Properties:

Karuna Fruity Longan drink is the curve building star. As mentioned above, the Longan fruit is rich in minerals such as iron and magnesium. We tend to only think of macro nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins) as the only thing needed for building curves, but minerals are vital in making sure your body actually absorb those nutrients. Iron helps transports oxygen throughout the muscle tissue. Magnesium helps with physical energy, proper nerve and muscle function.

Appliances used in this recipe:

For more of my recommended cooking tools, visit the resource page at MUST HAVES APPLIANCES IN A VEGAN KITCHEN


Happy Independence day everyone! Enjoy your holiday!



Mango and Goji Vinaigrette


-1 tablespoon olive oil,
-2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar,
– 1 tablespoon of Karviva Rejuvenate Mango & Goji Berry


Whisk everything well together and server over your favourite salads!

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