Karviva Jumps into the Esport Arena with New Collaboration

Houston Outlaws


St. Louis, Mo. (April 21, 2022) — Karviva is excited to announce a new collaboration with one of the  fastest-growing fields of international competition. We are teaming up with the Houston Outlaws, an  Esport team that competes internationally.  

Karviva will share its wellness beverages as The Outlaws host the “Battle for Texas” Rivalry  Overwatch League event on May 6th in San Antonio, Texas. Esports are video games played in a  highly organized, competitive environment. “Obviously, Esports are different from other physical  sports that we support. ” says Karviva CEO and Founder Angela Zeng, PhD, “But it is extremely  important for these competitors to have proper hydration, brain-power, and clarity. Karviva’s ACE  Sports drink is the perfect partner in any competitive situation where hydration and the ability to remain  focused mentally is important.”  

The Houston Outlaws compete in the Overwatch League, an international Esports league made  up of 20 city-based teams and featuring the best Overwatch players in the world. Fans at the event  will be able to meet Houston Outlaw players on-stage after the match as well as experience sponsored  products including samples of Karviva’s ACE Sports drinks. The Battle for Texas marks the first in person Overwatch event in North America since 2020. “To go through what the entirety of esports has  since the beginning of the pandemic has really only strengthened our resolve in coming out strong this  season for the beginning of the Overwatch League,” says Lori Burgess, COO of Beasley Esports. 

Karviva ACE Sports Drinks will be part of that comeback. Karviva is also the official sponsor of the  “Battle After Dark,” an after party for attendees and the general public to catch up on the excitement of  the intense match they just watched at the Tech Port Center in San Antonio. 

Inspired by the ancient wisdom of Eastern Medicine and backed by modern science, Karviva ACE  (Antioxidant-Collagen-Electrolyte) Sport Juice Blend is a multifunctional recovery juice drink designed  to meet the increasing consumer demand for low calorie, low sugar sports drinks with natural  ingredients offering health functions. Karviva ACE is a blend of natural antioxidants, collagen and  electrolytes to relieve physical stress while providing hydration and delicious taste. With real fruits and  no added sugar, Karviva ACE low calorie and tasty sports drinks are your body’s perfect advantage  toward achieving your best performance. Fundamentally different from most of the sport drinks currently on the market, Karviva ACE currently comes in four flavors: Bold Berry Lemonade, Sunny  Orange, Mango Splash and Watermelon Rush. 

  • The natural antioxidants in Karviva ACE come from sea buckthorn berry, known as the holy fruit of  Himalayas. It is a popular remedy in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicines used to promote  heart and skin health and contains high amount of vitamin A and C, omega fatty acids, and other  natural antioxidants; 
  • The natural collagen comes from wild salmon cartilage, which is a Japanese delicacy used for centuries  to promote healthy joints, skin and hair; 
  • The sesame seeds provide a low sodium electrolyte mix rich in unique plant minerals such as selenium  and copper which are shown to boost energy and immunity.  

About Karviva Beverages  

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Karviva Beverage (formerly known as Karviva Beverage) is an award-winning innovator in  developing great tasting functional juices and smoothies using whole plant ingredients. Formulated from a belief that Food  Is Better Medicine™, each unique beverage is inspired by ancient wisdom and backed by modern science. Karviva  offers a vast array of product benefits ranging from restoration of digestive and immune health with prebiotics  and antioxidants to delivering clean protein and providing sustained energy. Karviva’s newest ACE Sports Juice Blend is  designed to meet the increasing consumer demand for low calorie, low sugar sports drinks with natural ingredients  offering health functions. Please visit us at www.karviva.com for more information. 

About the Houston Outlaws  

The Houston Outlaws is the team representing Houston, Texas in the Overwatch League. The Outlaws compete in the  Western Division. The team is owned by Beasley Broadcast Group, a radio broadcasting company in the United States.  

About Beasley Esports 

Beasley Esports is the newest division of Beasley Media Group, LLC is a subsidiary of Beasley Broadcast Group, Inc.,  which owns and operates 62 stations (46 FM and 16 AM) in 15 large and mid-size markets in the United States. As a  company, we are committed to creating high-quality cross-platform content for consumers; catering to esports and video  game fans and fanatics. Beasley Esports brands include the Overwatch League’s Houston Outlaws, the Rocket League  Championship Series Team—Team AXLE-R8, CheckpointXP, and CheckpointXP on Campus. Beasley Esports is  committed to delivering premier content and entertainment for professional and casual gamers across all media platforms.   For more information, visit https://beasleyesports.gg/

Contact Information  

Karviva Wellness Beverages: Nancy@Mykarviva.com 

Beasley Esports / Houston Outlaws: Beasley@dkcnews.com

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