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Karviva Expands its Line of Whole Plant-Based Drinks Throughout East Coast



St. Louis, Mo. (July 18, 2021) — East Coast-area shoppers seeking sustainably-produced, healthier beverage options have something to celebrate: Karviva’s plant-based prebiotic and antioxidant drinks are now available at more than 100 GIANT Company stores across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. The products will be available at select GIANT and MARTIN’S stores as well as online through GIANT Direct and MARTIN’S Direct.

Inspired by the ancient wisdom of Eastern Medicine and backed by modern science, Karviva’s delicious wellness beverages deliver health-promoting benefits meant to aid digestive health, enhance immunity and provide sustained energy.

“Karviva was founded on a desire to guide people on a path to wellness,” says Angela Zeng, PhD, Karviva creator. “One small step in that path is choosing foods and beverages with scientifically proven functional ingredients. We carefully select, source and blend whole-plant ingredients to create superfood drinks that are low in calories, contain no added fillers, sugar or preservatives and are minimally processed in a socially-responsible manner.”

Three whole plant juices are available at GIANT and MARTIN’S stores as well as online including:

  • VIVA is a delicious blend of heart healthy Aronia berries, pomegranate and beets and made with the botanical Ashitaba, which is celebrated in Eastern Medicine as a source of vital nutrients essential to promoting well-being and slowing down the aging process.
  • Rejuvenate contains organic goji berries and red dates, which have been used in traditional Chinese medicine to promote energy, endurance, restful sleep, and healthy skin and hair. One 12oz bottle is only 45 calories and contains no added sugar.
  • Joy-D showcases Karviva’s innovative craftsmanship via a tantalizing nectar of mandarin orange and kiwi fruit infusion, carefully blended with naturally ripe peaches and high vitamin D mushrooms for a perfect taste.

Karviva directly translates to compassion in Buddhism, and out of respect for mind, body and earth, that means making health and wellness more sustainable, accessible and convenient:

  • Each Karviva drink is sustainably produced​ in their facility in St. Louis – which houses an on-site hydroponic garden for fresh bean sprouts – with thoughtfully sourced efficacious, Non-GMO and organic ingredients;
  • Single serving portable bottles are ideal in today’s fast-paced world. Karviva drinks are packaged in lightweight, easy to carry and BPA free, recyclable plastic for ease and convenience;
  • Karviva uses real whole fruits, with all edible parts included to maximize the prebiotics, antioxidants and anti-microbial compounds that naturally exist in the fruit skins, therefore minimizing food waste.
  • Karviva is committed to freshness, transparency and using clean ingredients; their eye-catching label features mouthwatering whole fruits and plants so Karviva consumers can feel confident they are enjoying premium functional ingredients in every sip.

Karviva products launched in early 2017, earning strong praise from the industry and customers alike and quickly gaining notice through a variety of accolades within the food and beverage industry. To date, Karviva has been recognized by the 2018 World Beverage Innovation Awards Best Juices, 2020 World Plant Based Products Awards Best Functional Products, New Hope 2020 ExpoWest NEXTY Finalist and most recently, the 2021 Mindful Awards for Juice Product of the Year.

About Karviva:

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Karviva is an award-winning innovator in developing ​great tasting functional juices and smoothies using whole plant ingredients. Formulated from a belief that Food Is Better Medicine™, each unique beverage is inspired by ancient wisdom and backed by modern science. Karviva ​wellness beverages offer a vast ​array of product benefits ranging from restoration of digestive ​and immune health with prebiotics ​and antioxidants to delivering clean protein and providing sustained energy.  Please visit Karviva Prebiotic Superfood Beverages (mykaruna.com) for more information.

Contact Information:

[email protected] or [email protected]

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