Karviva Boosts its US Retail Distribution and Partners with COFCO to Develop Products for Chinese Market


Fulfill Food & Beverages, the owner of Karviva and Karviva® brands, recently added more retail stores to its sales network in the US

December 2019

Fulfill Food & Beverages, the owner of Karviva and Karviva® brands, recently added more retail stores to its sales network in the US, including the nationwide retailer HomeGoods, the legendary supermarket chains Schnucks, H-E-B and more. Fulfill Food & Beverages also reached an agreement with China Oil and Food Corporation (COFCO), the largest food processor, manufacturer and trader in China, to co-develop a line of functional beverages tailored for the Chinese market. The development work will start in early 2020. Fulfill Food & Beverages was selected from a group of potential candidates for its proven capabilities in developing innovative beverages and food products tailored to unmet consumers’ needs.

Fulfill Food & Beverages launched its first five Karviva drinks at a Whole Foods Market (WFM) store in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA on January 28, 2017. Since then, the brand has gained strong tractions and quickly expanded into Midwest regional WFM stores and now nationwide natural grocery retails. Karviva’s key features include: ancient recipes based on Food Is Better Medicine® practice, whole plant-based, simple, unique and non-GMO ingredients, no added sugar, low calories, low carbs, low glycemic index, and gluten-free. Karviva means compassion and the key ingredients in its drinks are organic, sustainable, environmentally friendly and offer legitimate health and nutritional benefits that are based on scientific research and clinical studies.

Since its establishment, Karviva has positioned itself as the innovator in the natural beverage market. Karviva is the pioneer in developing functional beverages containing unprocessed prebiotic, the necessary fuel of probiotic. Its signature drinks include the one-of-the-kind Detox Prebiotic & Antioxidant Whole Plant Juice, containing organic mung bean sprouts and aronia berries, and the first-to-market Prebiotic & Plant Protein Whole Plant Smoothies, containing organic quinoa, chestnut, black soybean, and flaxseeds.

Recognized for its unmatched innovation capabilities, Karviva has been the winner of many world class competitions. Prior to its launch in the Saint Louis market, Karviva was selected as the Finalist in the Food Innovation Challenge 2016 and the BevNet Beverage Showdown, December 2016. In both competitions, Karviva was the only brand with no products on the market yet. Karviva’s Detox Juice won the Best Juice title in the 2018 World Beverage Innovation Award and its Prebiotic & Protein Smoothie Empower was the 2017 Finalist of World Beverage Innovation Award, Best Functional Drink. Most recently, Karviva’s newest Prebiotic & Antioxidant Juice Joy-D was selected as the Finalist, Best Juice in the 2019 World Beverage Innovation Awards from more than 220 entries from over 34 countries. Karviva Boost Synergy Coffee drink was listed in the Top Ten Trends of 2019 by the consumer product database SPINS. Karviva’s eye-catching label design brought its title of Winner of American Package Design Award, 2019 Graphic Design USA.

About Karviva

Karviva, an innovative natural food and beverage company based in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA, offers consumers a simple, sensible approach to healthfulness. Inspired by the virtues of Buddhism, our philosophy for compassion not only cares deeply for the world within us — our bodies and our minds — but also for the world around us. Our foundation is deeply rooted in our belief that creating delicious products from wholesome ingredients also means shouldering the environmental and social responsibilities. For more information, please visit: www.mykaruna.com & www.karviva.com


China Oil and Food Corporation (COFCO) is one of China’s state-owned food processing holding companies. It is China’s largest food processor, manufacturer and trader with an annual revenue of 471.1 billion RMB. COFCO was founded in 1949 and now has 2.3 million terminal sales points throughout China. For more information, please visit: http://www.cofco.com/en/AboutCOFCO/

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