Introducing Karviva BOOST

Give yourself a Boost with Karuna Boost Coffee Infusions. Two new plant-based coffee flavors include Cafe Turmerific and Cafe Vino.


Introducing our new line of plant-based coffee drinks, Karviva BOOST! Find it in select grocery stores on April 28th.

Looking for a more natural way to get a BOOST of ENERGY in the morning? Jumpstart your day with our brand new Karviva plant-based coffee drinks. Give your body natural energy and skip the added sugar that is found in other ready-to-drink coffees.

Artfully crafted in two one-of-a-kind flavors – Cafe Vino and Cafe Turmerific – Karviva BOOST helps your break away from the mundane day-to-day. Experience new flavor profiles that provide added health benefits.

Deeply Infused Philosophy

The uniqueness of Karviva BOOST drinks does not stop at the inspiring flavors. Each bottle of Karviva BOOST is made with fair-trade, consciously grown coffee beans. These eco-friendly coffee beans were hand-selected to ensure that our new plant-based coffee drinks are not only healthy and delicious for you to drink, but also show our compassion for the earth.

Furthering Karviva’s mission of sustainability, all-new Karviva BOOST coffee infusions are naturally sweetened using Chinese dates – the same dates found in our Karviva HYDRATE fruit-infused waters!

The date pulps are recovered from our production process and reused to their full potential in Karviva BOOST. Using every ounce of wholesome goodness from each of our ingredients, we are doing our part to provide you with optimal nutrition while respecting the earth.

Cafe Vino

Cafe Vino, Karviva’s wine-infused plant-based coffee drink, is made with fair-trade organic coffee beans, aged to perfection in wine barrels. The sophisticated, oaky flavor profile is rounded out with the finest cocoa nibs and naturally sweetened with Chinese dates. Discover true decadence with this non-alcoholic, wine-infused morning treat.

Cafe Turmerific

Start out your day with a sense of relaxation by drinking Cafe Turmerific – Karviva’s new turmeric infused plant-based coffee drink. Turmeric has been used for centuries in herbal medicine remedies and will become a staple in your morning routine. Paired with the sweetness of our Chinese dates and dissolved in coconut cream, the turmeric in our plant-based coffee infusion is able to provide your body with extra nourishment, powering your whole day.

A Natural and Healthy Boost of Energy

Skip the added sugar and caffeine overdose that you get from other off-the-shelf coffee drinks! Both the Cafe Vino and Cafe Turmerific drinks provide a healthy dose of caffeine – 60 milligrams of caffeine per 12-ounce serving as opposed to the upwards of 110 milligrams found in the standard eight-ounce cup!

Many other ready-to-drink coffees found at grocery stores also pack in a surprising amount of added sugar for taste. Because Karviva BOOST is naturally sweetened with Chinese dates, you can see the health benefits of reducing your sugar intake while still enjoying your morning coffee.

In Stores April 28th!

Karviva BOOST will be available at Whole Foods Market – Galleria and United Provisions exclusively starting on April 28th! Get an early taste of these all-new, all-natural coffee drinks before they are available at every store that carries Karviva on May 12th.

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