Forbes Features Karviva in its Technology Council Section

Forbes recently featured Karviva in its Technology Council section.1 The article highlighted Karviva’s functional ingredients and their link to longevity.

Forbes used Karviva as an example of a trend in food science to turn away from linear reductionism, the belief that people only need specific components, like carbs, protein and fiber, in order to be healthy. At Karviva, we realize the importance of considering the many levels of nutrition. One of the most recently discovered areas is phytochemicals, which are natural chemicals found in plant food. Researchers are still finding new phytochemicals and believe there might be as many as 25,00 different ones.2 Science demonstrates that the phytochemicals in the Ashitaba plant, a key ingredient in our Viva juice, can help people live longer.3

At Karviva, we also focus on the balance between different ingredients and believe that the way we combine them is as important as what they are. Therefore, we choose functional ingredients that work together to create a unique synergy.

We also put a lot of effort and research into finding the perfect combination of ingredients that not only increases functionality, but also creates a balanced flavor. We know that a healthy drink that doesn’t taste good will not be consumed – at least not more than once.


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