Angela Zeng featured on HEC Media — Immigrant blends East and West with St. Louis-based Smoothie company

Karviva founder, Angela Zeng, was recently featured on, St. Louis’ Home of Education, Arts and Culture. She speaks of her origin story and lifelong pursuit of good health. Also about stepping into the health food market, following her dream to create a business she believed in. Now, her smoothies are among the most popular on Amazon. She talks to HEC-TV about her journey and why she enjoys running her business in the Midwest.

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A Brand Built Upon Compassion

Building a brand on the foundation of ‘compassion’ is exactly what Karviva Beverages has done. Translating to compassion in Buddhism, ‘Karviva’ embodies what wellness should look like. It begins with compassion for our health and for nature’s abundance of fulfilling ingredients.

Karviva sets itself apart by selecting the world’s most remarkable plant-based ingredients to support an eco-friendly journey to better health. From Aronia berries, the small-but-mighty antioxidant powerhouses, to Ashitaba leaves, which provide more fiber, calcium and vitamin K than carrots, tomatoes or spinach.

Inspired by the philosophy that Food Is Better Medicine™ and Far East ancient wisdom, Karviva’s mission to empower plant-based diets is strengthened by modern medical research. Karviva drinks deliver benefits such as reduced inflammation, strengthened immunity and sustained energy. Karviva’s formulations are made with the entire plant ingredient, even pulps and hulls, so that each drink contains every ounce of nutrition from whole-plant, sustainably cultivated ingredients.

Karviva has secured its status as a pioneer in the beverage industry by being the first to introduce prebiotics in their juices and smoothies. Prebiotics are essential for digestive health but are often lacking in the everyday modern diet.

Unlike cold-pressed juices, Karviva’s brewing process is one-of-a-kind and is designed to fully dissolve the functional ingredients from plants that are rich in healthy fats, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, while minimizing food waste.

A St. Louis-based brand, Karviva has thoughtfully approached the challenges that 2020 has created for everyone and proactively made donations of over 3,600 bottles to healthcare workers and underserved communities. In the face of a global pandemic and the fear of compromised immunity, Karviva made it a mission to provide free drinks to those who needed it most. Most recently, Karviva donated over 800 drinks to the Houston community of Independence Heights impacted by the severe winter storm in February 2021. The high standards in product quality and community involvement earned Karviva Wellness Beverages the honor as the Diverse Business Leader 2020 by St. Louis Business Journal and most recently as the featured business in 2021 Women’s History Month by the Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe of Missouri.

— Angela Zeng

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