food acts as medicine like aronia berries

3 Ways that Food Acts as Medicine

food acts as medicine like aronia berries

Food acts as medicine for our bodies in many powerful ways. When we eat food that’s natural, unprocessed and wholesome, it truly makes a positive impact on our lives.

Food can help regulate our body’s functions, like improving digestion, and helps us take many preventative measures so we can live a healthier lifestyle. And certain foods and ingredients even have the maximum amount of benefits your body needs, like vitamins or minerals, so you no longer need to rely on supplements. Essentially, eating right leads to a perfect harmony within your body.

When we pay attention to the benefits of ingredients in our food, our bodies see real results. Here are 3 ways that food acts as medicine in our lives:

1. Lowers health risks

From high cholesterol to diabetes and inflammation, unhealthy diets have truly taken their toll on our bodies. But real food and we’re talking about real food, not just processed meals or beverages that make that claim, can help lower many health risks we face.

Quinoa is one seed in particular that is a powerhouse food: it’s naturally gluten free, a complete protein and contains all 9 essential amino acids! Compared to other foods, it’s packed with nutritional content and is grown sustainably. One study recently published in Current Developments in Nutrition shows that eating even a small amount of quinoa every day can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Paired with a low cholesterol diet, flaxseeds can have been proven to lower bad cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels, which are fats in our blood.  They’re also good sources of Omega 3 essential fatty acids and have been linked with a proactive effect against certain types of cancer.

These ingredients are currently found in Karviva’s Divine blends which are a great meal replacement or post-workout supplement.

2. Detoxifies our bodies

Sometimes our bodies need a straight up detox to rid us of harmful chemicals we accumulate in our systems. And it’s actually possible to detox our bodies with, you guessed it, food! Mung bean sprouts and Aronia berries found in Karviva’s Heal juice have the amazing ability to cleanse our systems using their mighty antioxidant power!

3. Improves digestion 

Processed foods are in fact, hard for our bodies to process. Gut health is critical to our overall bodily functions and certain foods do just the trick to making improvements.

You might be familiar with seasonal chestnuts roasting on an open fire, as they’re considered to be tasty treats around the world. Other than that, chestnuts have a track record of helping improve digestion by reducing cholesterol levels and stabilizing blood sugar levels. They’re incorporated into Karviva’s current Divine blends for their rich nutrient content and work well with the black soybeans, gold flaxseeds and quinoa that they’re fused with.

Karviva beverages were inspired by a devotion to compassion. In fact, Karviva means compassion. Our goal is to be mindful of our social and environmental responsibilities of promoting health and helping the planet thrive. Each recipe was influenced by time-tested East Asian recipes and understands the benefits of how the ingredients in each beverage work together or separately.

We utilize that ancient wisdom to promote how food acts as medicine. And by using entire plants in production, we eliminate food waste. That also means each beverage contains the wholesome ingredients, nothing artificial or processed, and helps bring our bodies the harmony they crave.

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