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Brand Ambassador: Arica Brown


Arica Brown is the Founder , Executive and Artistic Director, and Resident Choreographer of Consuming Kinetics Dance Company and Karviva’s October 2017 Brand Ambassador.

Arica Brown Karviva Brand Ambassador
Arica Brown Karviva Brand Ambassador

Consuming Kinetics Dance Company (CKDC) is a 501c3 non-profit professional dance company and community dance education center in the Central West End offering dance instruction to adults and youth age 3 – 18.

CKDC specializes in a full program of adult drop in dance classes. CKDC’s primary mission is to create job opportunities for full time artists and to make dance more accessible in the community. CKDC furthers their mission through affordable and public performances and scholarship opportunities for youth in need.


Arica was voted the Most Moving Instructor of 2016 by ClassPass and was one of three women to be recognized as Women Who Inspire through New Dance Horizons, 2017. She was also featured on Now96.3 as Woman of the Week in March 2017 and can be found in the April 2017 release of St. Louis Magazine. Arica has a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from University of Missouri – St. Louis and also holds a certificate in Somatic studies from Washington University.


She is so excited to be an ambassador for Karviva. Her favorite Karviva drink is the Divine Three. What Arica loves the most about Karviva are the wholesome, healthy ingredients that have helped her combat allergies and provide her with more energy for her active lifestyle.

Our Brand Ambassadors choose to support the Karviva brand because we align with their values. Our foundation is deeply rooted in our belief that creating delicious products from wholesome, simple ingredients, being active and striving for compassion for all. If you are interested in becoming a brand ambassador, please contact us at [email protected].

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Karviva's formulations are inspired by ancient food wisdom, designed to nourish Qi (the vital energy source) and Blood (key bodily nutrients). Our drinks uniquely focus on clean, nutrient-dense ingredients and formulations that maximize food synergies, adhering to principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. This holistic approach enhances the natural properties of each ingredient, offering unique health benefits.

Karviva Whole Plant Juices can be stored at room temperature. Once opened, they should be refrigerated and consumed within one week for optimal freshness.

Yes, daily consumption of Karviva Detox Juice, for instance, has led many customers to report health improvements after two weeks. However, individual experiences may vary.

Yes, our smoothies and coffee drinks need to be refrigerated and are best enjoyed within one to two days of opening.

Our all-natural, organic drinks are suitable for all, including pregnant women and children. We recommend checking for any personal food allergies.

Absolutely. Karviva drinks are an excellent choice for those managing blood sugar levels or reducing sugar and carb intake, thanks to their low glycemic index and beneficial ingredients like aronia berry and cinnamon.

We carefully select ingredients based on their ideal growth conditions to ensure their therapeutic benefits. Our sourcing strategy includes aronia berries from the Midwest USA, quinoa from Bolivia, oats from Sweden, black soybeans from northern China, and coffee beans from Mexico. Most fruits are sourced from Washington and California, with our sprouts grown hydroponically for quality assurance.

In line with Traditional Chinese Medicine beliefs, we understand that climate, soil, and water quality significantly affect the therapeutic powers of plants. This focus ensures the highest quality and effectiveness of our ingredients.