• At only 70 calories / bottle

  • Prebiotic Fiber

  • Cleanse & fortify the body

  • No Added Sugar


Plant-based detox drinks are for your overall wellness. All our sugar free drink mixes are rich in prebiotic fiber to support the body’s digestive health. Karviva electrolyte drinks have natural electrolytes, aiding in various bodily processes.


DETOX WHOLE-PLANT JUICE - Earned the World Beverage Innovation Award and offers more antioxidants than three and a half cups of blueberries. At only 70 calories per bottle and filled with prebiotic fiber, this is the perfect drink to cleanse and fortify the body.

HELPS WITH DIGESTION - Enriched with kiwi berry plant and mung bean sprouts, this detox drink supports your digestive health. It helps you deal with different digestive problems while improving your metabolism.

REDUCES INFLAMMATION WITH HEART-HEALTHY PROPERTIES - This immunity booster blend has Aronia berry puree to treat inflammation and swelling. This small but mighty berry is rich in antioxidants. Made with grape juice and Aronia berry, This DETOX fiber drink helps you take care of your heart and help reduce blood pressure and improve blood flow.

ALL NATURAL, NO ADDED SUGAR - Karviva beverages use naturally sourced carefully chosen ingredients to benefit your overall health. We use monk fruit, an organic sweetener made from small green gourd, for additional health benefits such as anti-inflammatory.

MODIFIED PROTECTIVE PACKAGING - We have heard your feedback and modified our packaging to better protect the bottles during transportation. Our new sustainable eco-friendly packaging helps save trees and protects our planet too!