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Whitney G

I really liked this drink. I had been looking for a prebiotic and have the palate of a 5 year old so I don’t eat a lot of superfoods. This was perfect for me. The flavor was great (I had the grape kiwi) and have purchased this several times since trying for free. I recommend this beverage for people who are picky eaters like myself to “trick” your body into getting healthy foods in your system.

claude v

I tried cacao banana version as it had most fiber. It tasted very good like a milk shake. Had prebiotics which were unprocessed and good amount of fiber with little sugar. Refreshing. However at Whole Foods it was 4$ a bottle which is a drawback for me but if you can afford it I would recommend it.

Michele H

I enjoyed using this on my day to day foods. It comes in an easy to use bottle. I love the taste of this sriracha sauce. Such good quality. I would recommend it to others.

Craig Miller

More and more of the food produced in America is laced with sugar and other unnatural substances.  I appreciate the Karviva is made with all natural ingredients focusing on traditional Chinese foods which are in line with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It is wonderful to have a great tasting drink that is good for you made with sustainable ingredients.

Vicki Bensinger

Karviva is a product I believe in for its purity, all natural flavors, way of processing and friendliness to our planet. By nourishing the body from the inside out, Karviva will be a beverage you’ll be compelled to reach for time and time again. It’s friendly to our bodies and the environment. Karviva just makes sense!

Erin Stack

I believe that what you put into this life, you get our of it. This applies to your family life, social life, work, your yoga practice, and especially your body. Fuel your body with healthy foods (and drinks)!

Carol Stocks

A healthy body starts with what you are feeding it. These beverages are derived from high-quality, natural ingredients that give you a boost of nutrients to keep your body humming!

Alison Hyde

I am very excited that finally, Karviva offers all natural plant based drinks with much less sugar and higher nutritional content than most other bottled drinks on the market.  Now I can actually consume a delicious, healthy bottled drink without worrying about excess empty calories and sugar.

Heidi Marie Harris

I trust Karviva, and I am so grateful for their products which are made with ingredients from the earth, from people that truly care about health and wellbeing. Karviva contains absolutely no processed ingredients or artificial sweeteners, and as a result, when I drink Karviva my whole body feels balanced and invigorated! I sense that I’m drinking something pure, almost directly from Mother Nature. Thank you, Karviva for caring about my health, and for creating products that are both readily available and truly good for me!

Dr. Herbert Virgin

I support the Karviva brand because I was given a chance to participate in the tasting process early on. The people working on this really have made an exceptional effort to do something special. In this day and age of homogenized culture – it is nice to see a personal effort to do something unique.

Dr. James D. Sullivan

I am always impressed when I try a new product and it makes me say “Wow!”  Karviva is that type of product.  A delicious, healthy, beverage that makes you feel refreshed, and wanting to share your experience with others.  I’ve tried many so-called nutritious drinks on the market before, but Karviva is second to none.  Try it and you’ll be saying, it’s “Karvivalicious” too!

Thom Randle

It is my pleasure to provide this testimonial.

I have tried all the Karvina flavors and I do not have a favorite as they are “ ALL” my favorite
The true and natural taste of each flavor comes through in every sip and goes down very smooth with no mediacy or harsh aftertaste.
So, if you have not tried Karviva beverages, “What Are You Waiting For?

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