Popular Arabic beauty website hails Karviva’s skin and hair benefits

Karuna Viva Whole Plant Juice & Tonic

Karviva Whole-Plant Juice & Tonic was recently featured on Tajmeeli.
Tajmeeli is a website educating Arabs on cosmetic procedures. It gets about a million visits each month and connects thousands of Arabs with trusted cosmetic surgeons.
In one of its blog posts, Tajmeeli recommended Karviva as a scientifically proven nutritious product that enhances beauty by taking care of your inner health.

What Tajmeeli said about Karviva

Karviva Whole Plant Juice & Tonic is one of the natural health drinks offered by the Karviva brand. This drink is characterized by its high nutritional value that exceeds the equivalent of 3.5 cups of blueberries. 
It contains important vitamins for the skin and hair and helps them restore their radiance and health. Karviva Whole Plant Juice & Tonic has high concentrations of vitamin A along with potent antioxidants. 
It contains only 70 calories, making it safe for regular and frequent consumption. The product is available in 12-oz (360 ml) bottles.
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About Karviva

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Karviva is an award-winning innovator in developing ​great-tasting functional juices and smoothies using whole-plant ingredients. 
Formulated from the belief that Food Is Better Medicine™, each unique beverage is inspired by ancient wisdom and backed by modern science. 
Karviva ​wellness beverages offer a vast ​array of product benefits, ranging from restoring digestive ​and immune health with prebiotics ​and antioxidants to delivering clean protein and providing sustained energy.