Learning to Live with More Compassion

Learning to Live with More Compassion

Practicing compassion in your everyday life is just that: a practice. It takes patience, focus and energy. While we all approach it in unique ways, learning to live with more compassion is always an active state of being.

Compassion is also the definition of the word karuna. It's not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ mentality, neither is it an effort to ‘pay it forward’ once and move on.

At Karviva, our philosophy of compassion stems from advocating for better health and passionately caring for the environment around us.

But how can we as individuals live with more compassion? Living your life through the lens of compassion requires mindfulness for your own self, for your community and for the surroundings of your environment.

Compassion for Your Self

When we take the time to inwardly examine our physical and mental well-being, we may come to realize the actual state that they’re in and how much they matter to us. Our health is of the utmost importance!

Our bodies require constant attention, especially for the sake of our health. We don’t have to be incredibly introspective when it comes to our health – that comes after we start by simply acknowledging how well we’re actually taking care of ourselves.

When we put the focus on compassion for our self, we may begin to ask ourselves questions like:

  • Why do I eat the foods that I eat?
  • Why don’t I have enough energy during the day?
  • Why do I tend to get sick more often than other people?

That's why now is the best time to start taking care of you.

Old habits really do die hard, so try making one change at a time, like falling into a consistent pattern of sleep, eating plant-based foods for their superior nutritional content or making the effort to exercise. Look into the restorative nature of detoxing your body of harmful chemicals and other elements you’ve been exposed to. Take better care of your digestive health with the proper amount of good bacteria. And for athletes, emphasize the overall importance of nutrition and choose clean beverages for an enhanced recovery post-workout.

Your body will thank you for making these adjustments!

Compassion for Your Community

The potential of compassion lives within each of us, and based on our strengths and the platforms we have access to, we can choose how we project it onto others.

We’ve connected with a number of inspiring individuals around the St. Louis area who go above and beyond normal efforts to celebrate their communities, bring people together and encourage others to live healthy lives.

Arica Brown, founder of the Consuming Kinetics Dance Company, has a mission to make dance more accessible for the community, not to mention create job opportunities for full-time artists. She channels compassion through affordable public performances and scholarship opportunities for youth-in-need which all stems from her passion for dance.

Alison Hyde, Ki-Hara Master Trainer and personal trainer, hosts private classes which utilize Ki-Hara Resistance stretching to help people manage bodily aches and pains. Her renewed focus on her own health was the motivation she needed to help others overcome similar obstacles she had been experiencing.

And because of their personal philosophies, these individuals have joined our team of brand ambassadors to promote their healthy, active lifestyles and build community relationships.

Compassion for Your Environment

Our environment, our surroundings and the world we live in need compassion now more than ever. Oftentimes, caring for the environment seems like an impossible undertaking since we’re just one person. But a little impact goes a long way as the momentum builds and others are encouraged to participate!

Your contribution to help improve the environment can be done in an endless amount of ways. Changes you can implement without having to spend a lot of your resources include altering your process of food wasting, tracking what you recycle verses throw in the trash to determine where you can make adjustments, or putting together a do-it-yourself composting bin for kitchen waste.

At Karviva, compassion is our focus and foundation. Learn more about our philosophy and find Karviva beverages in a St. Louis retailer near you!