Karviva® Teams Up with Popular Central Market in Texas


St. Louis, Mo. (January 24 2022) — Texas shoppers who are really into an active lifestyle now have amazing options for proper hydration and replenishment for their joints, muscles and skin.   Karviva’s ACE Sports drinks are now available at Central Market stores across Texas.  

Inspired by the ancient wisdom of Eastern Medicine and backed by modern science, Karviva ACE Sport Juice Blend is a multifunctional recovery juice drink designed to meet the increasing consumer demand for low calorie, low sugar sports drinks with natural ingredients offering health functions. Karviva Ace is a blend of natural antioxidants, collagen and electrolytes to relieve physical stress while providing hydration and delicious taste.  With real fruits and no added sugar, Karviva ACE low calorie and tasty sports drinks are your body’s perfect advantage toward achieving your best performance. 

  • The natural antioxidants in Karviva ACE come from sea buckthorn berry, known as the holy fruit of Himalayas. It is a popular remedy in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicines used to promote heart and skin health and contains high amount of vitamin A and C, omega fatty acids, and other natural antioxidants;
  • The natural collagen comes from wild salmon cartilage, which is a Japanese delicacy used for centuries to promote healthy joints, skin and hair;
  • The sesame seeds provide a low sodium electrolyte mix rich in unique plant minerals such as selenium and copper which are shown to boost energy and immunity.  

“Karviva was founded on a desire to guide people on a path to wellness,” says Angela Zeng, PhD, Karviva creator. “One small step in that path is choosing foods and beverages with scientifically proven functional ingredients. We carefully select, source and blend whole-plant ingredients to create superfood drinks that are low in calories, contain no added fillers, sugar or preservatives and are minimally processed in a socially-responsible manner.” 

      Four ACE Sport Beverages are available at Central Market Texas stores in Austin, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Plano, Southlake and San Antonio, as well as online including: Sunny Orange, Bold Berry Lemonade, Mango Splash and Watermelon Rush.


Founded in early 2017, Karviva’s mission is to combine our compassion with our passion for educating and resetting expectations regarding health and well-being, one person, one beverage at a time.  

  • Each Karviva drink is sustainably produced​ in their facility in St. Louis – which houses an on-site hydroponic garden for fresh bean sprouts – with thoughtfully sourced efficacious, Non-GMO and organic ingredients;
  •    Single serving portable bottles are ideal in today’s fast-paced world. Karviva drinks are packaged      in lightweight, easy to carry and BPA free, recyclable plastic for ease and convenience;

About Karviva Beverages:

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Karviva Beverages is an award-winning innovator in developing ​great-tasting functional juices and smoothies using whole plant ingredients. Formulated from a belief that Food Is Better Medicine™, each unique beverage is inspired by ancient wisdom and backed by modern science.   Karviva offers a vast array of product benefits ranging from restoration of digestive ​and immune health with prebiotics ​and antioxidants to delivering clean protein and providing sustained energy.  Please visit us at www.karviva.com for more information.

About Central Market:

Central Market’s open, serpentine-flow, full view European-style layout offers a completely new food shopping experience. A bountiful produce department with unmatched quality and variety, an 80-foot seafood case with selections from throughout the world, hundreds of cheeses, 2,500 wine labels, stupendous specialty grocery aisles with delights from every continent, and a world-class cooking school featuring hands-on instruction are among the features that make the Central Market experience unique. 

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