Karviva featured on Ozark Fox

In 2021, Karviva Beverage teamed up with the State of Missouri’s “BUY MIS-
SOURI” economic development initiative to actively promote products that are grown,
manufactured, processed and/or made in Missouri.

This collaboration resulted in Karviva, a minority and female-owned company, to
be able to actively promote its mission of healthy living and healthy living products
throughout Missouri and beyond. In addition, company leaders were able to meet an
emergency need outside the state through the ‘Buy Missouri’ program donating more
than 100 cases of product to those impacted by the winter storm in Texas. Karviva was
featured online and in numerous local and social media stories (see links).

The partnership led to a visit by Missouri Lieutenant Governor, Michael Kehoe, to

Karviva’s St. Louis plant. There, founder and CEO, Dr. Angela Zeng, was able to share
both her mission of wellness and tell her diverse and storied history. We believe the syn-
ergy of this collaboration has led to a surge in publicity and awareness about Karviva

Beverage as well as other Missouri businesses.

About Buy Missouri:

The Office of Lieutenant Governor Michael Kehoe created the “Buy Missouri” economic development
initiative to promote Missouri products. Approved products and business are listed on the business direc-
tory page of the buymissouri.net website.

This program is intended to promote tourism, business, and economic development by showcasing and

promoting Missouri-made products and businesses. This partnership is intended to make Missouri prod-
ucts more accessible and create awareness about the products made within our state borders.

About Dr. Zeng:

Angela Zeng has more than 15 years of experience in the functional beverage and juice industry, and has
a passion for natural healing that is rooted in her strong belief in traditional Chinese medicine and herbal
sciences. She earned her Ph.D. in Pathology from St. Louis University School of Medicine, and her
MBA degree from Washington University in St. Louis. She was a recipient of the American Heart Asso-
ciation Pre-doctoral Fellowship, and the Northwestern University School of Medicine Post-doctoral Fel-
lowship. Her research topics ranged from cardiovascular diseases to cancer. She created Karviva Bever-
ages in 2017.

Karviva Background:

Karviva Beverages makes award-winning prebiotic & antioxidant juice drinks and smoothies using
whole plant ingredients. Our formulation approach is rooted in the Far East “Food Is Better
Medicine” wisdom and backed by modern medical and nutritional science. As the innovator in creat-
ing prebiotic drinks made with unique superfood ingredients, Karviva is determined to solve rising
health issues such as diabetes and obesity caused by the modern lifestyle. Karviva is also the pioneer
in using a hydroponic farm to grow bean sprouts as well as uses the entire plants in production of the
beverages to eliminate waste.

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