Karviva’s Café Turmerific Featured in New Hope Network Top 10 List

We are honored to announce that the New Hope Network has featured Karviva’s Café Turmerific in their recent list entitled, “Unboxed: 10 energizing new products to fuel your customers.”

The New Hope Network based out of Boulder, Colorado helps identify the products that create opportunities to grow businesses and bring more health to people. When it comes to education about healthy products for our lifestyles, the New Hope Network is a thought leader and innovator. They act as a trusted source for the latest trends in health food, natural beauty and nutritional supplements.

In their analysis of these energizing products, the New Hope Network credits the Hartman Group’s 2017 report that identified 30 percent of U.S consumers as seeking more energy to fuel an active lifestyle. As a result, they put together a list including new or upcoming food and beverage brands across the country with high quality nutritious ingredients that give our bodies a natural boost of energy.

Café Turmerific is one of two Karviva coffee-infused drinks known as ‘Boost’; the other is a wine and coffee-infused beverage known as Café Vino. Café Turmerific boasts only natural ingredients including fair-trade organic coffee beans, Chinese dates, black soybeans, coconut cream and organic turmeric powder. There’s nothing artificial about it. And it's perfect for energizing your active lifestyle!

Just like all of Karviva’s beverages, there are no added sugars in Café Turmerific; all of the sweetness comes naturally from the Chinese dates. There is also a healthy amount of fiber content and balanced proteins, all meant to keep you feeling naturally energized for much longer than other caffeinated beverages.

Karviva beverages, including Café Turmerific, can currently be found in select St. Louis area Whole Foods, Dierbergs, United Provisions and Fresh Thyme stores, as well as a number of yoga studios. Find Karviva in a St. Louis grocer or studio near you and stay updated as we work our way into new markets!

And remember to view the entire list of other energizing products on the New Hope Network!