Brand Ambassador: Dr. Virgin


Dr. Herbert Virgin, MD, PhD, is a professor at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, teaching and studying infectious disease.


In his work, Dr. Virgin studies inflammatory and infectious diseases, focusing on mechanisms that operate within living organisms. He spends time reviewing host pathways, which are especially important for human disease susceptibility and resistance.

Dr. Virgin’s work has helped to develop next generation sequencing technologies, which are beneficial to research on diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease and even AIDS enteropathy.

Spending so much time looking at infectious diseases, Dr. Virgin has always been interested in his own health and wellness. He searches for products which he knows will give him true benefits, like Karviva beverages.

I support the Karviva brand because I was given a chance to participate in the tasting process early on. The people working on this really have made an exceptional effort to do something special. In this day and age of homogenized culture - it is nice to see a personal effort to do something unique.

Dr. Virgin’s favorite drink from the tasting was Karviva Detox, a revitalizing beverage made with Aronia berry and mung bean sprout juice.

Our Brand Ambassadors choose to support the Karviva brand because we align with their values. Our foundation is deeply rooted in our belief that creating delicious products from wholesome, simple ingredients, being active and striving for compassion for all. If you are interested in becoming a brand ambassador, please contact us at [email protected].

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