Benefits of Plant-Based Protein

Quinoa is a plant-based protein. The benefits of plant-based protein are reduced risk of disease, improved health, and increased energy.

In Western cultures, we tend to think that the preferable source of protein comes from meat - and lots of it. However, there are many benefits of plant-based protein in your diet!

Those looking to bulk up or build muscle often shy away from a plant-based diet. What many people don't realize is that plants can provide us all of the protein that we need - even for building muscle! Although an entirely plant-based diet is not right for everyone, even meat-eaters can benefit from adding more plant-based protein sources to their diets.

  1. Lower your risk of disease. A plant-based diet has been found to lower the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Simply swapping out some of the meat in your diet for more plant-based protein gives your body more of the nutrients and antioxidants that it needs to stay healthy and fight disease.
  2. Easier on your body. Protein-packed plants are also rich in fiber, making them easier to digest. Alternatively, animal protein can take a while to digest which makes us feel bloated or sluggish. Additionally, plant foods have higher levels of nutrients, which your body to absorbs during digestion.
  3. Added energy. Because plant-based protein is easier to digest, your body spends less energy during digestion. This is why many people find that when switching to a plant-based diet - or simply increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables they eat - they find themselves feeling more energetic. By eating plant-based protein sources, you will be able to work harder during your gym session.
  4. Become lean. Replacing fatty meats with plant-based protein cuts down on calories and fat intake. Although the extra calories in meat can help you to bulk up, when not eaten correctly this can pack on extra, unwanted pounds. Plant-based diets can help you lose weight. However, by switching to a more plant-based diet, you can still bulk up and become leaner at the same time. In fact, the benefits of plant-based protein don't end there. Plants are alkaline-forming, which can help you recover from your workouts quicker.

The benefits of plant-based protein speak for themselves. It just makes sense!

It's time to make the switch. When you are at the grocery store, be sure to stock up on healthy plant-based protein sources. Adding this variety to your diet - even if you still eat meat - will provide you with significant health benefits.

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