ashitaba and cancer

Ashitaba and Cancer Treatment and Prevention: Everything You Need to Know

Nature has blessed us with beautiful plants, flowers, and trees. These colorful decorations of nature also benefit the body when they are taken in as …


What’s All The Waste? 5 Ways to Eliminate Food Waste in Your Home

Let’s just call it out, we’re all guilty of wasting food… we cook a meal, store the leftovers and forget they’re tucked away in the …

whole food ingredients

How to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season with Karviva

“This post has been sponsored by Karviva. All thoughts and opinions are my own.” The holiday season has been in full swing, which means more …

plant proteins - A group of diverse people drinking beer around the grill

Throwing a Vegan Cookout? Try These 3 Plant Protein Recipes

We’re at that time of the year when the days are long, with clear blue skies and cotton clouds all around. Neighbors and friends come …

summer mocktail

Summer Mocktail, Smoothie, and More: Karviva’s Coolest Recipes for a Healthy Party Under the Sun

  The weather is heating up, and it can be tempting to indulge in cold drinks to help your body cool off. But sometimes, these …

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