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Ashitaba and Cancer Treatment and Prevention: Everything You Need to Know

Nature has blessed us with beautiful plants, flowers, and trees. These colorful decorations of nature also benefit the body when they are taken in as medicinal and herbal supplements.

One particular supplement in particular grows in Japan and China. Mimicking the looks of the celery family it belongs to, it is known as the “longevity herb” because of its help in curing and preventing many sicknesses. This medicinal plant and food we are talking about is the Ashitaba plant. 

In this article, we’ll look at the chemical content of ashitaba, how it helps treat and prevent cancer, any risks and considerations, and the many other illnesses this plant can help cure. 

Ashitaba Content

Ashitaba’s different contents all play a role in helping the body fight and recover from sickness. It is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, and H. It is also a good source of carotene, manganese, pantothenic acid, calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, protein, and coumarin. The benefits go on with psoralen, bergapten, xanthotoxin, angelicin, antineoplastic, and its antioxidant content.


Among the many chemicals, the one that should be looked at when talking about curing cancer is chalcone, particularly xanthoangelol and 4-hydroxyderricin.

Chalcone also decreases the risk of heart disease because of its ability to regulate blood pressure, purify the blood, promote metabolism, and keep cholesterol levels normal. It also ensures that the body is fortified in fighting bacteria as it is an antibacterial agent. With its properties, your immune system is boosted.

Vitamin B12

Another key content of ashitaba is vitamin B12 which helps in blood and nerve cell development—ensuring a healthy nervous system. When blood cells are healthy, cancer and other illnesses are kept at bay. Meanwhile, healthy brain cells keep the mind sharp and safe from Alzheimer’s disease and many nervous system problems.


Flavonoids fortify ashitaba’s benefits to the immune and nervous system because of their anti-inflammatory effects. When the cells are free from inflammation, illnesses like cancer are less likely to occur. Flavonoids also have anti-aging properties, keeping you not only feeling well but looking great too.

Food Fiber

Another notable content ashitaba has is food fiber. It has twice as much fiber as spinach, so expect good digestion when you take it as a supplement. When you have good digestion, many digestive illnesses are kept at bay. The chalcone content of ashitaba particularly heals stomach lesions and inhibits the production of staphylococcus bacteria which causes stomach ulcers. 

Ashitaba and Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Long have people been looking for a cancer cure. Ashitaba is one of the natural go-tos by cancer patients to help them win against their illness. And if you are also hoping to reap the same benefits, check out these details first. There are certain situations when ashitaba is advised for cancer, and there are situations when it isn’t.

When Ashitaba Is Safe and Helpful for Cancer

Ashitaba is generally a helpful herbal remedy for cancer. But it is most effective in helping the body survive radiation treatments. It also prevents the adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) gene mutation. Consider ashitaba for:

  • Radiation treatment: Radiation treatment is when cancer patients are exposed to high doses of radiation to kill cancer cells. The process may be successful, but there are always risks of cancer cells relapsing. Ashitaba supplements help boost the body’s immune system with chalcone and cancer-fighting nutrients to prevent cancer from recurring.
  • APC gene mutation: When the APC gene is healthy, cancer and tumor formations are unlikely. But when it gets defective, colon and rectal cancers occur. Ashitaba keeps your APC gene in top shape.

Acute myelocytic leukemia cells

When Ashitaba Shouldn’t Be Used

There are also situations when ashitaba isn’t encouraged. Consult your doctor before taking ashitaba supplements, especially with these considerations:

  • Lanreotide treatment: Individuals under lanreotide treatment for neuroendocrine tumors shouldn’t take ashitaba supplements as they may interact with the medication.
  • TSC1 gene mutation: The TSC1 gene ensures the production of the harmatic hormone, which ensures that cells are healthy. Cancer, particularly in the bladder, occurs when the TSC1 gene is defective. Ashitaba isn’t recommended to be taken by individuals with defective TSC1 genes (and cancers caused by it) as it poses adverse effects to cancer curing.

More Precautions and Risks

Although natural and herbal remedies are generally safe, it is always better to be sure. The best thing to do is to consult your doctor before taking any supplements. Take note of these considerations, precautions, and risks too.

  • Note that ill effects of ashitaba only occur because of overdose, so make sure to follow the instructions on dosage.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women are also extra sensitive to ashitaba and different medications and herbal remedies. Get clearance from your obstetrician-gynecologist before consuming the supplement.
  • Be wary of any allergy signs as well. Some symptoms can be the appearance of rashes and swelling of different body parts. Be extra cautious in taking the ashitaba supplement if you already have a history of allergic reactions when taking herbal and natural remedies.
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea, and vomiting are signs of non-acceptance of your body to ashitaba. Seek medical help or stop taking the supplement if you experience these symptoms.
  • Ashitaba may also have ill effects on individuals with low blood sugar, especially if they are under medication. 

Ashitaba and Other Illnesses

Aside from cancer, ashitaba can help cure and prevent more illnesses. With ashitaba, you also bring benefits to different body parts. 

Digestive Illnesses

Ashitaba is rich in fiber, which aids in metabolism and digestion.This simple benefit sprouts more good things. Ashitaba helps prevent gastroesophageal reflux disorders (GERD), stomach ulcers, constipation, weight gain, and obesity.

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

This herbal remedy goes above and beyond in protecting and helping the body cure sicknesses. Even AIDS falls under the list of illnesses it can help address. Ashitaba helps by boosting the immune system. The supplement’s anti-inflammatory and cell-repairing characteristics help the body gain strength in fighting the virus.

Various Heart Diseases

Chalcone is the chemical that ensures the blood platelets flowing to and from the heart do not thicken, and that the blood maintains a healthy density and concentration. On top of this, xanthoangelol and 4-hydroxiderricin ensure blood vessels are healthy. The combination of the two ensures a healthy heart without high blood pressure, high cholesterol, blood clotting, strokes, and thrombosis.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Not just the heart, but ashitaba also benefits the brain. Ashitaba helps in the stimulation of the body’s nerve growth factor (NGF) protein. When there is enough protein production, brain nerve cells send signals to one another healthily, and neurological problems like Alzheimer’s disease are prevented. 


Chalcone is responsible for keeping normal sugar levels in the body, preventing diabetes. Chalcone helps increase adiponectin production, a bodily chemical that helps lower sugar levels. Studies have found that daily intake of chalcone from ashitaba reduces blood sugar levels by 33% to 50%.

Viral Infections

If ashitaba can help prevent and treat grave diseases like cancer, it can also address viral infections. During the recent pandemic, ashitaba was seen as a potent immune system booster to help the body fight the SARS-CoV. Taking it as a supplement gives you additional protection to fight coughs, colds, hay fever, and other viral infections.

Karviva Immunity

Ashitaba in a Bottle By Karviva

Ashitaba is a plant that has many health benefits, including cancer prevention and treatment. There are different ways Ashitaba can be helpful for cancer patients depending on the type of cancer, progression of the disease, and other individual factors. It is also helpful in preventing and treating various kinds of illnesses. We hope this article informs you more about taking ashitaba supplements.

And if you want a convenient, fun, fresh, and tasty way to increase your ashitaba intake, check out our Karviva Immunity drink. The prebiotic drink is infused with ashitaba, dark cherry, pomegranate, Aronia berry, and kiwi for a delicious drink that you won’t feel guilty for having. Grab yours now and help your body fight against cancer and many other illnesses!

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