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What Encanto Teaches Us About Healing


At February’s close, We Don’t Talk About Bruno sits at the apex of the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. It has held the top spot for five weeks in a row and is still fighting for the streak, outdoing other Disney soundtracks that held the same spot.
The song is an original from the movie Encanto. If you haven’t seen the Disney movie yet, it revolves around the Madrigal family. Every Madrigal child has a special ability (bestowed upon them by an enchanted place in the mountains called Encanto) save for one—Mirabel. The plot progresses as Mirabel tries to unravel why Encanto’s magic is in danger of fading.
Encanto had an unremarkable theatrical release in November 2021, strapped down by the ongoing pandemic. But it soon found the popularity it seemed destined to earn when it dropped on Disney’s streaming platform a day before Christmas.
The movie’s overarching theme resonated with a lot of people. But what cemented Encanto in the hearts and minds of those who have watched it are the healing songs. 

Why Encanto Songs Stick

The contagiousness of Encanto’s songs is undeniable. We’re willing to bet there’s at least one member of your family who randomly sings “We don’t talk about Bruno, no, no, no!” in some weird place around the house. 
You have to wonder: what’s with this movie and its songs that made it go viral? 
Encanto’s songs heal us. The past months have been difficult for everyone, and Encanto’s music validated our struggles as individuals and as members of a family with whom we’ve spent more time in this pandemic.
Simply put, the songs have captured our experiences on a profound enough level to make a connection. It’s similar to finding a breakup song that you thought was cheesy until you experienced heartbreak. Then, all of a sudden, you see the brilliance of the song’s lyrics when you listen to it again.
Songs that connect are like your best friend’s shoulder. They will always be there for you to cry on. And every time you sing a song, you cry out. And when you cry, you heal. 
We all needed to heal from our bad mental and emotional experiences, especially during these hard times. But there’s one thing we often forget when it comes to healing: our body.
Healing should be holistic. Apart from emotional or mental healing from catchy songs and stories that hit home, we must also heal physically to be truly well. And Encanto has its way of sending us that message through the character Julieta Madrigal.

We Should Talk About Julieta

One major character that symbolizes the importance of physical healing is Julieta Madrigal. Just like how the songs resonate and the themes of understanding, compassion, and forgiveness heal our hearts and minds, she does the same for her family through food. She makes her food easily available to the Madrigal family and their community to give them the care and healing they need.
In real life, there exist people like Julieta Madrigal, people who spread the gospel of compassion and healing through food. Our founder Angela Zeng, through Karviva plant-based superfood drinks, sets a formidable example.
Dr. Zeng believes that healing starts with you. And to start that healing, you need to gain compassion for your body and mind. Doing that means caring intently for the temple that is your body.
Yet she realizes that healthy food and drinks are not always available and convenient. It pushes us to always choose a quick grab-and-go junk rather than prepare a healthy meal. As a result, we suffer from the physical heaviness caused by our convenient and unhealthy diet choices.
Dr. Zeng commits her brand to the belief that food is better medicine. And the only way to start the holistic healing of your body, mind, and soul is to start medicating yourself with healthy, plant-based, and nutritious food. Karviva is one such food, and Dr. Zeng made it convenient to obtain on Amazon and local grocery stores in Missouri and 15 other states. Truly, it is like experiencing the gift of healing from Julieta.
Angela Zeng is not the only one possessed of this power; you too can become your own Julieta Madrigal. Through the simple choices you make that cultivate sincere compassion and care for yourself, you become the embodiment of compassionate healing for others to emulate. And like Encanto‘s songs, you can be the melody everyone around you needs to heal.

Share Your Story of Healing with Karviva

The lesson we learned from Encanto and its popular songs is that we all can heal. And as individuals, we can influence others’ healing by sharing our own experience of it. Through us, they’ll know that it is possible, that being compassionate to our bodies by making simple diet choices is easy, and they can do it, too.
You can heal others through sharing. Use that gift. Share your own Karviva healing experience on Instagram. Tag us @MyKarviva when you do, and you’ll get a chance to snag a gift card!

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Karviva Whole Plant Juices can be stored at room temperature. Once opened, they should be refrigerated and consumed within one week for optimal freshness.

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