Karviva Participates in the 2016 BevNET New Beverage Showdown



Each year, BevNET hosts a New Beverage Showdown. This contest features unique beverages that are new to the market. This year, Karviva was chosen as one of the semifinalists for the competition.

The Showdown

BevNET’s annual New Beverage Showdown names up to 15 semifinalists to compete for a prize worth up to $10,000 in cash and advertising. These brands get the chance to showcase their products in a short, two minute pitch to a panel of industry judges.

From these semifinalists, six brands are chosen as finalists in the showdown. The second round of presentations is longer, at five minutes, but that’s still not a lot of time to give the entire brand story!

The Competition

The competition was steep among the brands competing in the BevNET New Beverage Showdown. Each chosen brand has unique qualities and great potential for success in the marketplace.

One popular category among semifinalists were coffee drinks. With four coffee drinks in the semifinals, these brands had to work hard to prove themselves to the judges. Tea drinks were also a popular variety, with three competing brands.

As health food and beverages continue to gain popularity in the marketplace, the Karviva brand also had serious competition. Almost all of the competetiors – whether coffee, tea, or diet drinks – had something to say about being a healthy alternative. The Karviva philosophy and sustainability offered a unique standpoint for our presentation.

Karviva’s Experience

Karua was honored to be named one of the 15 semifinalists competing in the BevNET New Beverage Showdown. Angela Zeng, the creator of Karviva beverages, refined her two minute elevator pitch for the company.


Karviva’s presentation focused on the uniqueness of the brand. We discussed the brand philosophy, our sustainable process, and the tremendous community support from our Brand Ambassadors. Our beverages were tasted by the judges, and at the end of the day, it was time for a vote.


In the end, Karviva was not named one of the six finalists, however, we were very excited for the opportunity! Being named a semi-finalist in the BevNET New Beverage Showdown has been a valuable experience and provided great feedback for our brand.

Angela enjoyed her time at the competition, and is confident that the Karviva brand will succeed in the marketplace. Karviva will be taking feedback from the Showdown into consideration. However, the Karviva brand will continue to stay true to its brand values.

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